Rose Garden Tips

Rose Garden Tips for the novice and more advanced rose gardener:

If you are a novice rose gardener and have never planted roses before, these basic rose garden tips will help you start of. Roses ultimately love sunshine, so provide them with the best spot possible and make sure they receive at least 6 hours of sunshine every day.

Always water your roses at least once a week, especially after transplanting or replanting a rose bush. Ensure that the soil you plant your roses in are properly drained when watered by yourself or receiving rain. Avoid planting your roses in a very moist area to ensure their success in becoming a beautiful sight.


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Remember to pick off the dead head flowers as your roses grow, this will bring new life t your rose bush. This will also ensure that you contain any diseases like black spots for example. Try to treat your roses against any of these diseases before they occur - prevention is better than cure. Prune your rose bushes during spring season, this will help with new growth of your rose bush. Also pull out weed that might absorb your rose's water.

When planning the lay out of your rose garden, plant roses of the same color next to one another to enhance the look and try to avoid planting too many flowers in a small area, this will give it more "breathing space" and make it seem more softer on the eyes.



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Last but not least, you need to consider testing the soil when planning on starting a rose garden. The soil's pH level will determine the success or failure of your future rose garden. A pH level of  between 5.5 to 6.6 is recommended as the optimum environment for your rose garden to flourish.

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